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Naruka (pronounced Nah-roo-kah) aka. Floristar

he/his/him , born in 29 June 1992.
Lives in South Korea

Contacts: minshara1013 (KakaoTalk & LINE) / senarin (Telegram) / Naruka#7650 (Discord)

1. What I Likes

Otaku Culture, Particularly Idols Media (such as The Idolmaster, Love Live series, etc.)
Dealing with electronic gadgets such as Desktop, Smartphones, Tablets, etc.
Spring, Fall and Winter Seasons

2. Favorite Fictional Characters


3. Gaming


4. Dislikes

Senseless, Thoughtless Speeches and Actions
Any kinds of Extremism (Political, Social, etc.)
Any kind of hate speech and violence
Any kind of NSFW Works
Harsh weathers of Summer season

5. Digital Signature

Public Key[ Keybase ]
A357 054C 14AA 5B60 21A6 526D 4E44 373A 4D0B 7191

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